Dealer Announcement Show Shows & Events

The 2015 FCA Dealer Announcement Show (DAS) portrays Union AdWorks’ ability to manage, create and execute a large-scale, multimedia, multi-brand live show. It signifies the scope of the responsibility using highly sensitive, confidential data, product information, and imagery to transcend consumer-facing print asset creation into digital and video platforms.

Union AdWorks created key Brand presentations for the dealer networks to promote future products and marketing strategies. A team of writers, design leads, graphic artists, Keynote specialists and account managers were assembled to create engaging presentations that maintained the unique identity of each Brand.

  • ClientFCA
  • EventDealer Announcement Show
  • LocationMandalay Bay, Las Vegas
  • Year2015

Our in-house editing and video production group created unique assets to be used in the show. We worked closely with Brand CEOs to communicate their messages, as well as FCAs Marketing Design Director to create imagery and direction for a five-screen arena display, live effects and on-stage vehicle movement. Onsite, we collaborated with supporting agencies for consistency, delegation and asset sharing, as well as supervised rehearsals to support Brand CEOs and logistics. We were also tasked to create the slides of Sergio Marchionne’s presentation, having only the day of the event to work with his team.


The DAS assignment is a perfect example of how we resolve challenges with a high volume of moving parts — collaborating with many stakeholders, vendors, president and CEO Brand clients and their teams. Union AdWorks was involved from the earliest phase of project management through creative execution, script delivery, stage effects and image content. Our FCA clients, up to the highest level, understand our team’s dedication and have trusted and relied upon Union AdWorks to deliver.